About Focusz Designs

Focusz designs pvt ltd was founded in 1997 with a vision to provide clients a wide range of high quality services in Architecture and interior-design. “Value for money“ to the clients has always been the Motto behind providing these services.


From inception till now it’s been more than a decade of interesting journey, seeing satisfied clients from various sectors we served such as banks, life insurance, telecom, retail, healthcare, corporate offices and many more. A satisfied client will bring many clients by word of mouth recommendation. Hence our dedicated team takes utmost care to provide designs that speak the language of our clients, maintain high quality in works and give special emphasis to timely completion of the projects.


Quote from a recommendation letter, given by one of our first clients has been a constant source of inspiration to all of us at Focusz designs.

“I have no hesitation in recommending them and endorsing the quality of their work. All matters were conducted in a professional manner, the work was completed to the exacting standards that we set and the project was finished within the allotted time. We remain grateful that Focusz Designs were willing to extend their responsibilities far beyond their original commitment to ensure a smooth completion of our project.”


Bernard O’Keefe (Technical Director)

Otto bock Healthcare

Focusz Design is a multidisciplinary architecture, interior design firm in Mumbai founded in 1997 by Mr Girish Deshpande - Managing Director and Principal Architect.